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Illustration symbol ideas for Factions

Author Topic: Illustration symbol ideas for Factions  (Read 12481 times)

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Illustration symbol ideas for Factions
« on: September 19, 2011, 09:58:56 PM »
10 descriptions for faction symbols:

Smugglers:  The smugglers use a simple wooden stamp that can be easily carried and applied at a moments notice to any goods that they might be transporting.  So as a stamp the colors would be solid.  They prefer a dark brown color as that color usually is harder to find on a wooden crate or barrel.  So the image might have a touch of wood-grain that gets applied when the stamp is applied.  Also the symbol would be hand carved by many different people in different places.  Great care is not taken when making the stamps as they are often tossed aside when the authorities arrive, or are burned to hide evidence.  Often seen are aspects of ships, barrels or crates, the moon and daggers are carved in to symbolize clandestine operations.

Inquisition:  The inquisition are known for using fire to purge their enemies.  They use fire but in most cases it is impractical so the fire merely represents a symbol of their devotion to their cause.  They use a simple symbol to represent themselves.  Sometimes it appears as a large letter "I" but others could be a warhammer or a bastard sword.  The one thing always present is a large set of fiery wings that encases the symbol.  The symbol is often struck in silver with garnets used to color the wings.  Senior members have gold symbols with rubies as the wing coloring.

Realm Walkers:  The realm walkers believe that walking between the realms hold the key to transcendence.  They are enigmatic and their symbols are not readily know or understood.  Several symbols have been found scrawled in the sand where alleged realm walker meeting have taken place.  It appears to have energy traveling in a direction from portal to portal.

Loremasters:  Loremasters hold information as key and take personal pursuit in investigating and learning everything they can about politics, theology, science, and mythology.  Their symbol shows information being drawn from a scroll and placed into the head of the reader.  It is adorned with fancy scripture and symbols underneath.  The symbol can be found on doors and ledgers that stand as a barrier to the information.

Assassins:  The assassins use a more traditional symbol.  It is a rose with thorns that wrap around it and a short sword that pierces through.  Blood can be seen as if a wound as been caused, that drips down the petals and thorns.  The faction symbol represents the old ways of hiring to kill.   The flower is the beauty of life and the sword represents death.

Stalkers Big Game Society:  The symbol of the game society will always show a long rifle of some type but is always adorned with some other types of exotic features such as palm fronds, coconuts, safari hats, tribal feathers  masks and spears.

Theatre Troope:  The theater troop usually will use their symbol to promote performances.  It can be found as black and white images drawn on paper, painted in many colors on the side of a building as a mural.  It shows a humor/ muse with fancy leaf patterns around and the troope name written in text that appears glowing.

Werkers:  Werkers as selfish and strange by nature but form a coalition out of description at times.  The typical symbol most often encountered is a heart with chemicals or gasses being pumped into it by some sort of machine.  Often demonic eyes, tentacles, or claws are depicted as sprouting from the heart.  Other body parts or organs are also depicted at times most often being the brain, intestines, and eyes.

Benefactors:  The benefactors are a cult that lure people in on the basis of salvation and self sacrifice.  They associate wings with Angelis, which they worship and saviors.  The hands reach up waiting to accept the gift from above.  The symbol represents peace and spiritual enlightenment.  It is often seen with a pale golden glow that emanates from the wings.  The wings drape over the hands as if encasing them in warmth and love.

Engineering Guild:  The engineering guild symbol represents craft, skill, design and study.  The three gears are supported by beams that represent a practical working held together by a foundation.  The mechanism is kept simple and elegant and it appears to just run itself with no water or magic as input.  It is suppose to send a clear and strong message that the guild knows what it is doing, and as such the symbol is always drawn with a perfect precision as if it is a diagram for building a machine.

notes:  the symbol doesn't have to be just an illo it can be an item.  For example the smuggler's illo could show a small wooden stamp with the symbol on the bottom.  It inquisition symbol could be of a silver pendant with the gemstone wings.  The theater troope could be an advertising scroll with the symbol shown on the top.

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Re: Illustration symbol ideas for Factions
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2014, 07:10:35 AM »
Last is a vast subject. It is very interesting for me.