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The take it all mage killer

Author Topic: The take it all mage killer  (Read 4502 times)

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The take it all mage killer
« on: May 23, 2012, 01:03:31 AM »
I am one of the fans who are currently trying to do as much play-testing as possible but sadly I can't get enough people to play any really good games on a regular basis. So I am drawn towards theory-crafting and really enjoy building new characters. So I will be posting my character here. This is a powerhouse build where I miss out on alot of things to have just raw power. It is probably one of the most fun builds I have ever had, anywhere, any game, any time. Note that I use some house rules:

Psionic house rule - psionic now rewards points equal to the total sum of all the levels you gain from a rank. These points can be spent to buy spells where one level equals one point (0 level = 1 point) but you can't buy spells of a level above the normal rank maximum nor can you save points between ranks. So rank one which normally gives a 0, 1 and 2 lvl spell now gives 4 points instead. This allows for greater freedom.

Halfbreeds - the racial bonuses applied are calculated like this: take the lowest amount of bonuses from the two races and that's the amount of bonuses that may apply. You then take any bonuses within that amount from the two races. Any bonuses that are purely cultural are not selectable but still counted towards the max cap. You then pick a birthing culture and select the bonuses that apply to that culture. This means that you could have a human who's into trading and such but with the Orkis bonus in magic resistance. Also note that due to some circumstances I have allowed them to recieve bonus BP inorder to try and cover for loss of racial weapons and other situational weakness, the range goes from -5 to +10 and is to be used with discretion of the GM only. Please note that halfbreeds make for a good situation for the GM as he can have the locals of the current setting treat them a special way, either to increase immersion or just to try and control the adventure or create interesting situations. These rules give any half breeds a clear edge over other races if built in certain ways and are not recommended if you want a balanced experience, which I don't!

Now, for the build!

Racial benefits: (Half Orkis/Hammer Dir)
Most important are -
 the +2 END from the hammer
 and the +2 sv vs spells from Orkis
 I choose to forego ANY other bonuses in favor of a +10BP
 this means I get no racial weapons, standard move speed, no extra languages and so on.

Stats: (will include Heroic Trait power in the values but type out any other bonuses)
I am for high stats under the brawn tree and spend alot of points here. I get my -
 Brawn 2
 Combat up to 7
 Endurance to 5(+2)
 Strength to 6
But the build aims to resist most any kind of damage so values of 3 or + are needed in any save related stat -

I kick the Intelligence up 1
 Mind 2
 Spirit 2

 Influence 3
 Agility 3
Spend the rest where you want them

Familiar (for funzies, also useful as utility when you get "taken" captive - take it all doesn't just refer to combat!)
Precise Strike I (cheaper than more STR and a decent HIT covers it)
Dragon Will II ("take it all" this power is "save it all" so fits like a glove)

Heroic Trait I
Heroic Actions II

Psionic II (END as casting stat)
Open Flesh (make sure they don't hit you and use your superior END to knock them out. No one will have END even near yours)
Greatness (good way to boost a stat when an incoming spell seems daunting, will also buff some other stats - great!)
Ice Block (use this to simply intercept spells being cast at you or to shield your back from backstabbing strikes and the like)
Dancing Weapon (don't count on being a highlander in melee - try to use this spell to take down foes who know how to go toe to toe and hit them in the back)
Food or Drink (yes, harsh weather conditions and starvation is also something this character can take!)

(use the shield hand to grasp an extra weapon, usually the pick cause you do not want to need it and not have it!)
Flail - basically a +3 to hit on this weapon, very useful!
Bastard Sword - use this on mages if you just want *pure dmg*
Pick - heavy armor? No problem!

Heather Shield - Supreme defense against almost any attack!

Gear drive armor - yes this is why my STR goes so high, that and extra damage but mostly it's this.

I also have a hidden spring-loaded gun that shoots poison needles coated in forget me all (de-buff against casters).
It has minimal damage and a low chance to get trough armor, but mages generally don't wear much armor anyway...

So there you have it, my level 5 monster. It might be unpolished and utilizing some house rules but the build is still somewhat viable with 100% standard rules,
 just amp down on the points spent on combat and END and put those into the save stats to counter up for the loss of the Orkis spell save or just remove two END and go orkis.

How to play:
Use the spells in a creative way and don't forget the poison darts. Use dragons will to defend against the really troublesome spells (remember a mage can only cast so many and you have plenty of wounds)
Get up close and personal to finish the enemy of and use bleeding on enemies who prefer to stay far away. Do not engage really quick enemies as they are likely to kite you. The mage killer does best when teamed with a healer, a ranger and barbarian style warrior and fills the tank role perfectly.

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Re: The take it all mage killer
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2012, 11:03:42 AM »
Interesting. Combined with a healer the character sounds extremely unpleasant to face. I do think that perhaps you might want to beware of coming up against multiple whither users, especially if your Mage Killer is on their own. Not to mention if he gets swamped with enemies then the support bonuses will start overcoming his defences. True with a healer you can work past that, but healers tend to work quite slowly in combat time and will run out of mana quickly.

Of course, there is the other issue that your character is not the most social or intelligent which may cause trouble in other types of adventures. For your classic dungeon crawl, though, your character certainly seems extremely efficient as a hybrid tank/damage dealer.

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Re: The take it all mage killer
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2012, 05:03:12 PM »
Had a look at wither, there's a balance problem with that spell in general as you could dump all your actions into it and deal tons of damage each round.

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Re: The take it all mage killer
« Reply #3 on: June 01, 2012, 05:12:43 PM »
We're still in the beta stage so sounds like we've found things to work on. :) That's good.