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Future Release Ideas / Re: Drugs [Mature Subject - Parental Advisory]
« Last post by Age_Past on October 15, 2010, 02:04:49 PM »
I was thinking of not including the drugs for later, but I think they would be cool in the game and they could be expanded upon every book out.

So I am taking ideas for the Incian book for drugs.  They should be more natural in basis.

ie.  the dew sap from a lion tree causes a euphoric drowsiness...  But a few can be alchemically manufactured.

I would need about 20-30 types, their high and the crash.   also need to put withdraw in and rules for becoming addicted.

Future Release Ideas / Re: Drugs [Mature Subject - Parental Advisory]
« Last post by Artofinca on October 15, 2010, 07:15:50 AM »
Im up for drugs!
that can basicly means adding more alchemical substances and potions with some drawbacks, side effects and addiction.
General Discussion / Re: The Pit: Doobie vs Glook
« Last post by Age_Past on October 13, 2010, 02:19:14 AM »
sweet!!!  Pretty cool and describes the game combat flow, and this is only level 1.
General Discussion / Re: The Pit: Doobie vs Glook
« Last post by Magnus Pym on October 13, 2010, 02:11:44 AM »
This is my first Combat attempt so I'll comment I guess.

I really like the way pretty much everything is doable. Even thought here are many things I didn't do, I know there was the possibility for me to do those things, had I wished. This can make fights very interesting with utility skills/powers/spells turning into combat skills/powers/spells and vice-versa.

I find the action per round very nice, but I can't wait to get my hands on higher level combats and see how this works out.

Movement really is something to watch for as a caster, using spells at maximum range will help giving the caster an advantage if it exceeds the targets movement speed. Also choosing the right Power - Spell combination is very important at first level. Using them right is as important. Think carefully how you'll be spending your mana.

Creating the characters was fun and pitting them one against another was exciting. Next duel might be a teamduel with more levels, maybe around level 5.
General Discussion / The Pit: Doobie vs Glook
« Last post by Magnus Pym on October 13, 2010, 01:26:28 AM »
This is a duel between Doobi and Glook, map can be provided.

Initiative; Doobie – rolled 7 + 2 = 9      Glook – rolled 3+3 = 6

The rules are set, first one to die loses.

Doobie comes out of the forest, near the shore and looking in front, to the west, sees his duel target. Glook the Insane. Doobie seems to be able to make the first move.

Round 1 - Doobie

He’s about 35’ away. Doobie can reach him because he can move up to 30’ per action and needs 5’ reach to be able to use his Claws. He charges up to Glook and goes for the Concussion Blow.

Doobie has the Assault Power, so he adds +1 STR to his charge. And charge itself adds a +1 to Combat Talent and +1 STR.

Doobie’s got a Concussion Blow I, meaning he only gets +1 STR bonus from this attack, which he’s going to attempt. This power counts as an earth elemental class effect and a daze attack, it causes the victim to lose 2 actions next turn. Doobie uses both fists, so he gets a +1 to hit.

With this attack Doobie gets  +3 STR, +1 Combat and +1 to hit. And let’s not forget about 1 Brawn HT. He also spends 4 mana and becomes pretty much vulnerable to reflex attacks, reach and ranged attacks.

Doobie rolls and gets a 12. Held 2 dice, Rolled a 4, 6, 10. He retains the 10 and adds 2.

Glook uses a staff, he tries to parry the attack. He gets a +2 parry from the staff and has a Combat Talent of 1. So he gets a 3d10 roll to save.

He rolls a 10 and a 6, retains one dice so het gets a result of 11., Doobie hits him really hard on the head. Even with the result of 11 on a  parry.

He rolls the Concussive Blow Power and we spend 4 mana, STR + Brawn + Charge. It’s a 3 + 1 + 1, a 5d10 pool. He rolls 8, 10, 2 and retains 2. He chooses the 8 because the 10 is a natural 10 and will add 1 more damage. And the 8 plus 2 already beats Glook’s Toughness of 7.

Doobie deals 2 Wounds damage to Glook.

Round 1 – Glook

Ok it’s now Glook’s turn to act. He teleports, using Warp Stride Power above the cliff just to his left. As far as he can, so They are now separated by 40’ because the warrior has to follow where the cliff rises less abruptly for him to be able to run.

He then casts Thicken Blood quickly, reducing damages received by 1.

Round 2 – Doobie

Doobie decides to run up to the goblin… after throwing an Acid Bomb his way.

He rolls his Combat + Reaction because it’s a Grenade. So 3 plus 1 is 4, gets a pool 4d10. He gets a 10, 7, 6, 3. The 10 is the result.

Glook can try to dodge, he makes a Agility roll, 3d10. Gets a 7, a 5 and retained one. So he gets 8. Glook isn’t fast enough to dodge the grenade and receives 2 Wounds. Glook is now at 1 Wounds out of 5.

Doobie is now about 10’ away from Glook.

Round 2 – Glook

Glook feels kind of dizzy from the Concussion Blow and he’s still trying to get his balance back from dodging the grenade Doobie thrown at him. Doobie is too fast though, and Glook can’t do much this round.

Round 3 – Doobie

Doobie will once again charge Glook and hit him with his claws.

Like before, Doobie’s got a 5d10 roll to hit and the Goblin has 3d10 to defend.

Doobie rolls 10, 7, 6, 4, 3, takes 10. Glook rolls 10, 8, 7, takes 10.

Both get 10, Doobie has Swiftstrike so he hits. He deals 1 Wound damage.

Glook has now 0 Wounds, out of 5 and Doobie is in perfect health.

Round 3 – Glook

Glook is not in good shape, he’s getting beaten pretty bad. He decides to Warp Stride away and use Flash, to try blinding Doobie and increasing his advantage. He knows it’s a do or die call, but that’s all he’s got left to buy some time against a fiercly brawler like Doobie.

So he Warp Stride back down where he was before, and casts Flash on Doobie. Now 40’ separates them if by feet otherwise they’re at 15’ if they can fly, jump, w/e.

Glook makes his casting roll at 4d10, gets a 9, 7, 5, 2 and Doobie makes his save throw at 4d10, retains one dice and gets 4, 3, 1. The flash blinds Doobie for 1 round.

Round 4 – Doobie

This round will work with some GM-made rules, it can differ from playgroups to playgrounds as there is no rules for movement while Blind.

Doobie is now blind and freaks out, he can’t see where he’s stepping and suddenly fears for his life. He’s stubborn and heroic though, so he holds tight. He takes a second to make an Awareness check to not fall off the cliff. The Difficulty rating (DR) will be 8. He rolls a 7, so to check where the cliff was, he steps an inch away from the cliffside and starts falling. He’s agile though and succeeds at grabbing the cliffside smoothly and let his body hang a fraction of second before falling smoothly. This spectacular move just saved him from being wounded. This was an Agility save roll made on Falling effect. He’s got a 3d10 roll to make against 6. Rolled a 8, 3, 2, he keeps the 8 which beats the 6. He halves one damage, rounding it up means 0, so is not wounded from the fall.

Doobie gets back up really quick, as his vision starts opening up… still not enough to see anything clearly. He makes another awareness check. He rolls a 9. Personally I’d put a DR 10 here because Glook is well aware that he’s toast, his plan didn’t work as intended as he tried to create distance between him and Doobie, but is now in melee reach. So he’s being sneaky and Doobie is blind, Doobie fails to become aware of Glook’s position.

Round 4 – Glook

Glook casts Blast Off, directly up the highest cliff which is to the northeast. Destination is about 40’ and he makes it there in 1 action. He’s now separated, by actual foot, of Doobie by 50’. He prepares for the next round.

Round 5 – Doobie

Doobie can now see as well as before, and saw Glook take off to higher grounds. He is decided, he’s catching him even if it means running to him.

He throws a grenade and runs toward Glook!

Doobie rolls 3, 2, 1, 1 on his 4d10 and Glook rolls 5, 4, 2. Glook dodges the Grenade.

By this time, Doobie reached halfway into the Cliff way going up, another 20’ separates them.

Round 5 – Glook

Glook cannot believe he is going to die this way, running around trying to flee from a damn Bearman and never succeeding. He casts Veins of Acid on himself, he won’t die alone! He thens prepares to drop off the cliff.

Round 6 – Doobie

Doobie’s nearing his goal, he charges up to Glook and goes for the blow that will push him down the cliff!

5d10, as usual, gets 10, 8, 7, 1, 1. decdides to keep the 10 for an additional damage, so gets 8.

Glook rolls his 3d10, gets 7, 5, 3. his highest is a 7, he is hit.

Doobie deals 2 Wounds damage to Glook, which puts him at -2 Wounds. Glook was thrown down the cliff, severely wounding him. Several broken bones and a crushed skull, he didn’t survive the fall and is dead.

Stats at end; Doobie (8 wounds, 10 mana) Glook (-2 wounds, 7 mana)
Game Mechanics / Spells
« Last post by Age_Past on October 12, 2010, 05:59:14 PM »
Post here regarding spell function, its usefulness in ration to its level and its power related to other spells of similar level.
Game Mechanics / Powers
« Last post by Age_Past on October 12, 2010, 05:58:06 PM »
Post here about specific powers, their costs vs usefulness or changes that should be made.
Future Release Ideas / Re: Drugs [Mature Subject - Parental Advisory]
« Last post by Age_Past on October 12, 2010, 05:52:52 PM »
ahhh, I see.  I would say yes as a GM, but others might disagree.  But incantations are very weak, you can make someone feel that way but not affect their stat line at all.

Another GM might see it differently.  I think its a very creative idea.
Future Release Ideas / Re: Drugs [Mature Subject - Parental Advisory]
« Last post by Magnus Pym on October 12, 2010, 05:41:43 PM »
Now the personal question was more about Incantation. Could I have, say, a Bloodmancer (Spellcaster focusing pretty much on Blood magic) play with someones blood and drug them this way? Like playing with a specific vein on a specific somewhere in the body makes the target, or me feel like, lighter, crueler, happier, w/e.

That's me saying that, heh. I thought about it and maybe we can simply make it a Level 0 spell?

Blood Game - Modifies or even plays with the target's blood circulation, making them feel lighthearted and lazy. A X save against it is allowed to the victim of the spell cast to negate the effect. The caster can use this to ease pain and suffering.

There can be other names for the spell too. Blood Traffic, Internal Traffic, Bloodflow... w/e.
Future Release Ideas / Re: Drugs [Mature Subject - Parental Advisory]
« Last post by Age_Past on October 12, 2010, 05:24:39 PM »
As of now there are not any drugs in the game.  There is an addiction factor related to magic weapons though and characters are susceptible to addiction when new magic items are found and used.  You can read more about that in the magic item rules in the Adventuring section.

There is also the addiction "flaw" that a player could choose.  Other games I have in design DO include drugs or stims.  But In Age Past I left them out.  They would make a great option for the Suuntar book. 

One way to simulate drugs is to take potions.  Vigor spells can give stat buffs of course there is no crash or addiction, but a flawed character could be addicted to magic potions...

A drug supplement or player formed rules (homemade) would be welcome.

I think its a good Idea I might be able to implement it for the Incian book.
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