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Natural Weapons Question... and behold!

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Magnus Pym

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Natural Weapons Question... and behold!
« on: November 14, 2011, 11:22:13 PM »
Name; Buhamka
Archetype; Poisoned Brawler
Race; Lyon (Habrezu)
Movement; 35’
Core Morality; Malevolent
Moral Drive; Destructive
Demeanor; Callous
Flaw; Nomad

Might; 1

Brawn 1
 Combat 2
 Endurance (END) 2
 Strength (STR) 4
 Influence (INF) 1
Intellect 1
 Awareness 1
 Insight 1
 Mind (MND) 1
 Spirit (SPR) 1
Reaction 1
 Agility (AGL) 3
 Athletics 2
 Initiative 2
 Stealth 2

Languages; +2 Habrezu, +1 Drytongue
Professions; +2 Pathfinder

Wounds; 7
Mana; 14
Luck; 1

Actions; 3
Attacks; 1
Move; 2

Crushing Hold Rank I
Innate Immunity (fear) (Racial Bonus)
Innate Immunity (poison)
Iron Hands
Night Vision Rank I (Racial Bonus)
Poison Master Rank I
Racial Weapon (Unarmed) (Racial Bonus)
Reflex Attack
Swiftstrike Rank I

Gear Points; 5/35
200 gold pieces of special items
Coin Pouch (6 gp) (1)
Ephant Hide Armor
Prot; 6   Cast Pen; -2   Stand Pen; 1 move action   DUR; 2
Bandolier 4/6 (2)
Bandolier 0/6 (2)
 Vial x 4
Unarmed Punch
Hit; +3   Parry; +3   dam; 2   min STR; 1

My level 1 Brawler (which is a half-lion half-human kind of demon) has sharp canines and claws, as well as powerful paws.

I need to know the stats for his claws, slam and bite attacks.

Does it go like an unarmed weapon plus the monster abilities bonus from the core rulebook?

So, hit +1, parry +1 and damage 1 from a normal unarmed punch. Add +1 to hit and parry because my character uses no weapons and no shields (as dictated in the unarmed punch rules). Then add +1 to hit and parry for racial weapon (their claws are their racial weapon in my campaign setting, I’ve created race stats for them). We’re already at; hit +3, parry +3 and dam 1.

Now what I’m wondering is that the core rulebook states, in the monster abilities section, that “If a monster uses two or three claw attacks in the same turn, then it will receive a +1 bonus to hit. If the monster uses 4 claw attacks, then it receives a +2 bonus to hit with all four…” Does that mean I’m allowed to add an additional point to my hit because I attack with both hands (translated into attacking with two claw attacks?) therefore making my unarmed claws; +4 hit, +3 parry and 1 damage? Of course I’d only have one ACTUAL attack, unless I get the power for an extra attack, Supreme Warrior I think.

Then, the Spirit Blow adds a lethal damage per rank, does that mean it’d become a 2 damage unarmed punch (claw attack)? So, 4 hit, 3 parry and 2 damage?

Would your half beast half man race be able to rend, stomp, slam, bite and ram? For one who has claws and canines I’d guess that he could make bite and rend attacks?

How many damage does a bite attack do? Can I “call shot” and instantly kill my grappled/pinned target that I bite in the neck? I understand there’s a -1 penalty to combat, but that’s the only thing mentioned in the bite section.


Here`s the racial stats for the Lyon, also... think of it as a mix between a lion and a man.

Lionfolk – Lyon (Habrezu)
 7’ tall
 Pathfinder (2 Points)
 Racial Weapons; Unarmed,
 Languages; Habrezu   
 +1 Strength
 Beast Features (Claws; Spirit Blow Rank I), Night Vision Rank I, Innate Immunity (fear)
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Re: Natural Weapons Question... and behold!
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2011, 03:23:18 AM »
yes as it stands if you attack with two claws each attack will receive a +1 bonus.  a bite attack usually does +1 damage over a claw attack but receives a -1 to hit penalty. 

generally if you are creating a new PC you should just use the base-line rules to get as close as you can.  The monster rules are not meant to be used for PC's.

but there should be enough room to make monster class-pc's.  as of now there are no rules to make monsters into PC's.

I hope this helps.  I really like the concept for the character.

Magnus Pym

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Re: Natural Weapons Question... and behold!
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2011, 03:56:27 AM »
Nice, so it`s as I thought.

I'll be posting a fight between Buhamka and a a Demonologist shortly, hope you'll like it.