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Welcome to Age Past. Age Past is an RPG designed for those who have some limited knowledge to what an RPG is and how one works. However, Age Past has been designed to be easily learned and understood by new RPG game players. We are thrilled to learn when Age Past has been a person’s first RPG experience.

For those who don’t know, an RPG is a story driven game where players act without a script. It can be compared to theater except the player makes up her own lines based on what she thinks her character would do. It takes a lot of honesty and a ton of creativity. In theater the script is created by an author, but in RPG the story is driven by a Game Master, also known as a GM. The GM determines the obstacles and encounters the characters face. With a good GM and a handy group a players, a comprehensive and exciting story will evolve that cannot be reproduced. Every game is its own unique story that will never happen the same way again.

Age Past is an RPG that has been designed around an RPG gaming experience. The rules have been crafted to give players a deep experience without having to sacrifice choice. There are many way to play and there are nearly infinite builds allowing a player to craft her character to be exactly what she wants. Design efficiency is the key; keeping and utilizing rules that allow the system to be deep enough that players can shape, yet not so deep that the rules are dozens of pages deep.

Age Past is also designed to be modifiable. There are many optional rules that can help set the proper depth of complexity for the Game Master (GM). Play with anything you want and make new stuff up! If something seems too powerful then tone it back and if something seems weak then make it stronger. The GM and players can choose the level of intensity when playing.

Many gamers enjoy intricate investigation scenarios. Some love brutal combat. Others enjoy evenly matched and tough combat with big boss fights. Others love political intrigue. In Age Past all of these scenarios are possible. The GM and players can craft a gaming experience that is of their own choosing. Age Past has minion and henchman combat rules, so if you like, you can sit back and let your underlings duke it out for you... or you can get in there and sever some heads. The combat system is simple yet is broken up into actions. Characters can spend actions to make things happen so combat becomes more dynamic than just move and attack. A typical combat includes attacking, moving, counter attacking, and moving again. There are many abilities that can be used right along with attacking.

The magic system in Age Past was designed to give those who like casting magic the ability to use it in any circumstance that is listed above. Casters have access to powerful damaging, mind altering, and mystery solving spells. Any spell can be cast at any time as often as you like so there are not any limitations except your caster’s stamina. Utility spells are build right in with all the other spells so there’s no need to try to choose between the “fire blast” and “open lock” spells.

The skill system has been completely rethought and designed to help keep character’s balanced and every ability in the game is paid for in build points known as BP’s. This means that the more powerful the ability the more it costs to add it to your character. While character balance is perfect, it keeps everyone in line so that no one gets left behind.

As a designer I became frustrated with the over complication of games, inherent character imbalance, use of absurd rules, and limitations on character generation choices. Many systems require you to buy five or more supplements to actually play the character you want and still lack proper rules for making poisons or using siege engines.

Overall you will be surprised what this system has to offer. More detailed, fast paced combat, an excellent and powerful cadre of spells, a more condensed skill listing, and character customization unlike any seen in a fantasy system.

- Jeff Mechlinski

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