Age of Heaven


The group of Gods, known as Heaven Gods, pooled their imagination and built a new play land. They chose a world they remembered from ages past. This world sat fondly with One, and he always cared for it almost as if it was his pet. After molding clay the Heaven Gods created very tiny bipedal symmetrical beings on this world. They could walk and build things with hands.

The beings were created and told to build and change the world by the Gods. It was far more enjoyable watching these creatures toil. It was the universe's first perfect doll house in a sense. The newly created beings did not have self will or an History of the Incian Sphere understanding for the world, but they knew how to work the way the Gods intended.

After some time, these little people became known as Angelis. They built huge fortifications known as keeps and under direction forged metal weapons to spar with. The Angelis worshiped the Gods, and thus over time returned the energy the Gods expended when they made the angels. This was great amusement for the Heaven Gods as worship was a brand new concept. But not all saw it this way.

Other groups of Gods were bored and jealous of what the Heaven Gods had accomplished. Out of spite they set to demolish Heaven.

The Fall of Heaven

The spiteful Gods became known as the Demono and they too created beings out of their imagination. But they had the upper hand as they had watched and understood the Angelis for years. They created the Demonos. These were the first of the foul creatures that still roam the Heavens in massive and horrible droves.

Unlike Angelis, Demonos could reproduce. They could make more of themselves, and they were sent to destroy Heaven. At first, the Angelis appeared to conquer the Demonos army. The Heaven Gods had imbued great power onto their creations. But wave after wave of demon were sent against the great keeps.

The Heavens Gods kept creating more Angelis to replace their losses, but soon the energy drain began to take it's toll. The Angelis could not return energy in the form of worship fast enough to keep their masters supplied with power. All the while, the self replicating Demonos keep pushing toward the Angelis keeps.

Eventually Heaven fell as there was not enough Angelis to fight the massive Demonos hordes. There were still many strong angels in Heaven, but they were prisoners in their own strongholds. With defeat in hand the Heaven Gods moved on to another project. Yet again a change was about to happen. But this time many more Gods came together in cooperation to make something truly wondrous.

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