Age of Rebirth


After a couple hundred years, those that survived learned to cope and evolve with their new environments. Once again civility and reason became mainstays of any cultures, giving rise to new cities. As much knowledge had been lost, what was newly built was not so nearly as grand. Magical focus and understanding waned, and scientific thought regressed. But not all races were content with rebuilding and regaining their lost and rightful heritage. Some strove to take advantage of the former rulers weakness and expand their own kingdoms. Many of these races were now better prepared for war than Man.

Orkis Expansion

With the Terres Incian rebuilding their society, other races not concerned civility spread across the Sphere more quickly. The Orkis Race recovered extremely quickly. They could build a city of thousands in just a few short years. The Orkis grew so rapidly that they started to encroach on the territories of man. Man lashed back killing many Orkis, but more continued to pour in from the northern regions.

Orkis war bosses, who usually were in conflict with each other, banded together to create a massive army lead by some of the most experienced generals to ever have lived. They invaded in one direct attack crushing the north territories of the Terres Incia. At first, there was almost no resistance, but man was biding his time.

Though the Terres Incia were out numbered and out classed in direct combat, they were able to prove battle worthy. Large war machines were constructed, and magical schools started to increase their output of students. Brute force would meet ingenuity. The strongest Orkis sergeants were picked out and targeted with magic. Most were incinerated instantly or shattered into countless pieces. Often the Orkis they were leading would become disorganized and fight erratically giving man a major advantage.

Assassination, however, proved to be the turning point in the war. Slowly as the years of war progressed, man was pushed back. Out of desperation, the kings of the Terres Incia contracted work with the assassins guilds. Not one or two guild, but all eleven of them. One by one, the Orkis war bosses were killed. Often, those replacing their former, would be unfocused and greedy for power. Without an understanding for what was at stake, much of the alliance broke up. This came at a price as the kings were forever bound by their word to the guilds. The progeny of these guilds have sullied the bloodlines of the kings to this day.

The disenchanted Orkis still fighting had much less support, and with their leadership in turmoil were soundly defeated within months. Driven back North, the Orkis were pursued into their own territories. Man and elf today have watchtowers to stave Orkis encroachment as they try to once again claim land to the South.

The Alliance of Dawn

As Man was now relatively safe from the Orkis horde, they were able to allow their culture and society to mature to some small from what it was before the Age of Woe. The Silpen Kai and Hammer Dir were at similar points as well. Each race saw the ever present threat of the Orkis and the need to exchange goods, information, and training the Alliance of Dawn was created.

The Alliance allowed each race free movement within each other's territories for the purposes of research, education, or commerce. While the race's didn't always see eye-to-eye, there was no need for full scale conflict. Talented diplomats from each race were used to protect each's interest as well as avoid war. Sects broke in each society wanting the treaty to end. Resentment between each race grew as propaganda spread. This strained the Alliance, but it has held together throughout this day.

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