Age of Terres


The majority of the Heaven Gods gave up on their little house project when defeat was seen to be inevitable. They also had learned from their mistakes, and were set to be more careful balancing their new project.

A conglomerate of Gods came together for the single purpose of creating a new world. While most of the Demono were distracted by their apparent victory in Heaven, the new group forged a massive new world. It was clear that the Demono could not be trusted with the new project, so they were forbidden to participate and left to play in Heaven.

The new group of Gods tried to build this world as quickly as possible in an attempt to keep chaotic elements out, and it worked for the most part. A few Gods loyal to the Demono were able to get access to the project and slipped in as much chaos and malcontent as possible.

As Terres developed, the newly formed creatures could reproduce, and they were given a microcosm of wonderment to play in. The first created beings were the Drago. Magnificent and wise, these beings took on many of the same characteristics of the One. They were supposed to rule the world without equal. But somethings are not meant to be. The Drago were created imperfect and soon became unstable with narcissism and depression.

As the Drago become the dominating force, other Gods quickly created more and more types of creatures. Soon the world was populated by the most strange and unusual forms ever imagined. Striders or Straaden were created as the world's first humanoids, harking back to a form more similar to the Angelis.

The Birth of Man

A single savvy God understood the need for worship and power return. She saw what had happened in Heaven as both sides expended vast amounts of energy with little return. The Angelis were wiped out, and the Demonos would not worship. She knew that she could become more powerful by getting back more energy from worship than she put out. After all the world has already been created and populated with everything her creations would need to thrive on.

The Mother God, as she would become to be known, formed many small clusters of Men across all of Terres. Some didn't survive but most did and reproduced quickly. They consolidated power and pushed other aggressive races out to the fringes. The worship rolled back into the Mother and she was able to bestow great power back to her younglings.

These Men were so successful that many Gods named them after the world, and soon after, they even called themselves Terres. The Terres enjoyed success, but hardship was about to befall, and the skies would be filled with smoke.

The Drago-Man War

The Drago came into contact increasingly more often with the Terres. They were jealous at the many hundreds of thousands of man, to their small tens of thousands population. Paranoia and the Drago's inherent instability raged on high. The Drago came together and formed a battle plan to greatly reduce Man's number, in an attempt to gain control of the world once again.

They came together and swept across the country sides in a lightning style attack. Many men perished and the race was driven out to the fringes of Terres, but they were determined not to become extinct. Magic and the understanding of essence, the very same essence that made up One, started to become widely known. Man learned to form objects and energies from their will and the essence of the world. This energy could be focused into powerful attacks rivaling that of the Drago themselves. Rumors spread that the Mother God herself went to aid of man in disguise to teach him how to wield this power.

The Drago felt they had won the war, became unfocused and relented their onslaught. This gave Man a window of opportunity and he lashed back using essence and magic. They started killing off one Drago at a time and made weapons specifically to kill the beasts. Bloody assassinations resulted in almost no Drago left on Terres. Those that did survive were forced to hide deep underground, or on mountain tops, or in the depths of the forests.

Some Gods came to the Drago rescue and sent many Striders to issue an armistice. With the Drago population decimated, the kings of Terres signed binding documents to discontinue the hunting of Drago mainly to appease the Gods. The war was over with Man firmly on top as ruler. This agreement was bond to their souls by the gods and passed down through each of their race's lineage. Today unwarranted by Drago and Terres can come with a stiff penalty from the Gods who wish to enforce the pact.

The Purging of Smoking Ridge

The last large scale slaughter of Drago took place at the place known as the Smoking Ridge. The crag-ridden ridge had tunnels beneath that burrowed deep into unground steam vents. The ridge billowed a warm vapor that looked like smoke.

Residing here were youthful or weak Drago guarded by just a few soldiers. The crag is a naturally defensive and it was though near impossible to assault. Unfortunetly the Drago did not realize that a few tunnels into the lower areas of the Ridge had been identified.

Since this was not considered as strategic location it was a low priority and was the last stronghold attacked. Most the defenseless were slaughtered from underneath before the soldiers could arrive. The entire population of Drago here were wiped out. Their bones still reside. Some Drago have never forgiven or will ever forget the Purging.

Exodus of Man

Man's population had grown and attained the most power and control in the Incian Sphere. Now, safe from the Drago, Man could hold dominance over the other races in the area. But slowly, over time, Man turned on himself.

With success came luxury and ultimately led to extremism and indulgence. More and more rifts between people and cultures become apparent. Racism and xenophobia culminated as a result of egotistic philosophies such as nationalism. Civil war eventually broke out and ran for two hundred years. This was not entirely Man's fault. Gods appeared in front of the masses and decreed religious doctrines. Angry or malevolent Gods manipulated the people into false beliefs. Internal turmoil was so severe that hate within a race has never been stronger ever before or since.

Ironically it was the Dragos who helped save man from himself. At the behest of the Goddess of the Straad, a small band of Dragos went out across the Incian Sphere to end the civil war. Remarkably, they succeeded in getting many cult and social leaders to sign a treaty. Those that could not be swayed were killed. Unfortunately the effort was not without sacrifice. All of the Drago sent were killed by those who held allegiance to the Demono.

As much of the fighting ended man learned of the Gods' interference and manipulations. The horrible loss of life and new founded mistrust lead many Terres toward the East to increase the settlements already established. This was known as the Exodus, and man fled from Incia in all directions. Many of those that went East discarded their worship and love of Gods. They became godless and worship-less, neither gaining favor of, or returning essence. Over time without the Gods help and presence, those that went East lost the ability to use magic and essence.

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