Age of Woe

The Great Upheaval

As each of the races in the different Spheres refined their culture and grew toward enlightenment the end for civility grew near.

The Gods, in their haste to build a new world, made many mistakes. Most of these were the flaws in the races themselves, but something was wrong with Terres itself. The world was build under Heaven. But to help keep Heaven and Terres separated, the Gods made Limbo. Limbo is a transitional realm who's energy flows like water in harmony with both Heaven and Terres. But the spin between Heaven and Terres had slowly drifted and before the Gods could react Heaven came close to Terres and touched for a brief moment.

The essence of each realm flooded over to the other directly without the buffering effect from Limbo. Heaven was relatively unaffected, as the energy it absorbed helped allow it to expand larger. But Terres as a physical world was not able to expand. All of the energy from Heaven had to be expended somehow. Terres shook violently and what is now known as the Upheaval took place.

Many died from crashing rubble from the their homes shattering. Great cities were razed in but a blink of the eye. Those who survived cave-ins, were cooked by the super heated atmosphere, swallowed up with the opening of crevasses, or buried when huge expanses of earth were thrown miles into the sky.

But of course not all perished. Those who survived were tasked with rebuilding the world. But now there was a change. Incredible geological changes had occurred making it near impossible to move freely across the land. Limbo was also affected and drastically reduced in volume making it easier to pass through from one realm to the next.

The Gods' Wall

This mountain range spanned the length of the entire continent. It stands fifty thousand feet tall and slowly recedes in the sea which changes into the Shard Crest. No one is capable of crossing the Wall that separates Incia from Hokate, and with the severity of the Upheaval, those who survived on each side ponder the fate of the other.

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